1. The Answer To The Digital Era!
    • Teams are the future and the industry’s answer to the digital era. We at the Mowery Group encompass this mentality, and we develop our agents to become forward thinkers to embrace new systems and strategies that will support our efforts to succeeding in this Real Estate Industry. 
  2. The Pieces That All Agents Need But Don't Get.
    • Streamlined systems and processes to maximize your time and affectedness in today’s marketplace. Stop wasting time and focus on just closing the deal. We will take care of everything else for you.
  3. LEADS
    • Powerful lead generating systems that will give you the ability to earn a consistent Income and not waste time looking for leads.
  4. Two Words, Tom Ferry!
    • Tom Ferry training at no cost, to help team members develop into Top Producing Agents. Tom Ferry is the #1 coach in real estate.
  5. A Support Team Backing You Up.
    • An admin support team to help with all transitions so you can focus on closing deals (Operations Manager, Transaction Coordinator, Sales Managers, Client-Care Specialist).
  6. Team Leaders.
    • Ongoing development and support provided by a dedicated team leader to help all team members receive consistent knowledge to support their career growth.
  7. Love Where You Work.
    • A healthy culture and environment have been created at the Mower Group to host the needs of the team and the support of all team members to succeed not only by the management but by one another as well. Our work environment is set for you to succeed as well as letting you enjoy yourself. 
  8. Let The Professionals Do The Work.
    • In-house Marketing Director to create campaigns, marketing strategies and all graphics for print, social media, and emails at no cost to you.
  9. Technology and Tools
    • Every team member receives the latest in technology and tools allowing them to conduct business virtually on the go! We have an online file management system, custom CRM with auto responses, drip campaigns, and print mail, an auto attendant listing showing site, online quality lead generating above the norm of Zillow and Trulia and much more! We want you to be able to focus on your client and spend more time doing things that you love.
  10. Career Path with Management Opportunity
    • Most teams are either a Family Team comprised of a husband, wife, and kids or a Happenstance Teams which is a collection of agents with no defined systems or clear guidelines. The Mowery Group is part of a corporation with a defined structure and operating guidelines. There is a clear path to sales management allowing you to earn additional income.